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Florida State Board of Education for Religious Studies is a Private Christian Accrediting Faithbase Theological Institution that serves as a Peer Evaluation, Certification, and Ecclesiastic Endorsement for private Bible Colleges, Christian Training Institutes, Christian Universities, Seminaries, and all Christian schools K-12 throughout the United States and abroad.

FSBERS confirms that the institution meets its quality of academic responsibility to students and offers the accrediting commission members the ability to provide Certificates, Graduates, and Under-graduates Christian Degrees.

Other benefits include educational seminars in various locations each year, newsletters, and textbook recommendations.

For more information, please send us an email at the address below with the required info.

We will send your school an application and the information needed to begin the process.

If your application is approved, you will receive a Candidate Status. The candidate status will expire one year from the issued date.

We will schedule an on-site date for our examiners before the expiration of the year's certification.

We offer the following:

1.    Certification status for private Christian Universities, Bible Colleges, and Seminaries

2.    Curriculum and program design assistance

3.    Professional Educators Certification

4.    Forums and Seminars

5.    Document design assistance (Transcripts, Diplomas)

6.    Discounted Textbooks and products

7.    Discounted Academic Regalia

8.    Three levels of membership (Certified Approved and Candidate)

9.    State Religious Exemption and Authorization Assistance

10. Teachers' certification and Licensing

Some Functions that we have adopted from the US Department of Education concerning Accreditation

1.    Verifying that an institution or program meets established standards;

2.    Assisting prospective students in identifying acceptable institutions;

3.    Assisting institutions in determining the acceptability of transfer credits;

4.    Helping to identify institutions and programs for the investment of public and private funds;

5.    Protecting an institution against harmful internal and external pressure;

6.    Creating goals for self-improvement of weaker programs and stimulating a general raising of standards among educational institutions;

7.    Involving the faculty and staff comprehensively in institutional evaluation and planning;

8.    Establishing criteria for professional certification and licensure and upgrading courses offering such preparation; 


The Accrediting Procedure

1.    Standards: The FSBERS works, in collaboration with educational institutions, to establish standards.

2.    Self-study: The institution or program seeking accreditation prepares an in-depth self-evaluation study that measures its performance against the accrediting agency's standards.

3.    On-site Evaluation: FSBERS team visits the institution or program to determine first-hand if the applicant meets the established standards.

4.    Publication: Upon being satisfied that the applicant meets its standards, the FSBERS grants accreditation or pre-accreditation status and lists the institution or program in an official publication with other similarly accredited or pre-accredited institutions or programs.

5.    Monitoring: The accrediting agency monitors each accredited institution or program throughout the period of accreditation granted to verify that it continues to meet the agency's standards.

6.    Reevaluation: FSBERS periodically reevaluates each institution or program that it lists to ascertain whether the continuation of its accredited or pre-accredited status is warranted.


Evaluation System for all Faith Base Institutions


We are here to assist, evaluate, promote, and endorse non-governmental, private education. It is our firm belief that there should be a separation between Church and State, and we have taken the position of unification among private educational institutions.

FIBERS is recognized as a private legal organization by the state of Florida but does not seek recognition from the U.S. Board of Education. We are an Accrediting organization for the sole purpose of providing the listed services above as an Ecclesiastic Certification and Endorsement agency, which recognizes and endorses private Christian schools and promotes quality, excellence, and freedom in theological education. We strive to offer our members excellence in our services and recognition across the globe among educational institutions.

FIBERS sponsors a conference for its members yearly; look forward to seminars and meetings that will expand your programs.

A copy of our guiding principles will accompany your application form.


You may order an information packet for a school by using the contact page.

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