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International Accredited Commission 

FIBERS has been established as an internationally accredited private institution, we have been in existence since 2010, we saw that there was a great need for oversite for Christian schools we were affiliated with. We are registered in the State of Florida as a Nonprofit organization, Religious Accreditation for Institutions that meet the requirements standard set in place by the governing board. We provide oversite for Private Christian Accrediting Fathbase Theological Institutions which serve as a  Peer Evaluation, Certification, and Ecclesiastic Endorsement for private Bible Colleges, Christian Training Institutes, Christian Universities,  Seminaries, all Christian schools K-12 throughout the United States and abroad.

A religious college or university is licensed to operate in the first year as an associate member status, after the duration of time set in place, then the commissioning board will move forward with the onsite and online evaluation. Those Institutions that pass the evaluation will enter the next phase of  3, 5, or10 years of accreditation, which requires reporting of 1090 forms. These schools may operate without Government oversight but oversight through FSBERS  and must go through the process of evaluation and audit before renewal could take place.


Webster defines accreditation as: to give trust or confidence to; to vouch for; to recommend; to furnish with credentials, as an envoy or ambassador. All accreditation group is not the same. They are different and focused on different areas of accreditation. 

1. All organizations seeking membership must be faith-based.

2. The titles of degrees issued by the institution cannot be confused with secular degree titles. For this purpose, each degree title must include a religious modifier that immediately precedes, or is included within, any of the following degrees: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Education. The religious modifier must be placed on the title line of the degree, on the transcript, and whenever the title of the degree appears in official school documents or publications.

3. The duration of all degree programs offered by the institution is consistent with the standards of the commission.

We maintain a very high standard of a crediting evaluation system and all potential members must go through the 8 step process before being recognized as a member.

Our mandate is to ensure excellence in Christian education offered to students by faith base educational institutes.

We offered oversite to a network of universities, institutes, colleges, grade school, middle school, high school, school of counseling, school of chaplaincy, spiritual life coach schools, spiritual drug and rehabilitation training Institute, and all other schools that share a common heritage of independence theological foundation online and on-campus.


Florida state board of education for religious studies has not Pursue recognition from the united state department of education, we will not allow the government to interfere with our religious rights which state church and state are separate, and we feel it is our full right to engage in a Christian agenda holding firm to our doctrinal belief and functioning to equip great kingdom leaders who will advance the work of the Lord and for that purpose we see no need to seek secular affiliation. FIBERS has been established as an internationally accredited private institution.


The US Department of Education states that accreditation is a voluntary process, many high-quality legal colleges and university institutions of higher education operate without governmental oversight. There is no mandate by federal law for a school, college or university to be accredited. Every Private accredited institution has its own unique standards and there is no national consistency in institutional accreditation. In the united state accreditation is awarded by non-governmental agencies, the United States does not have a federal Ministry of Education or other centralized authority exercising single national control over the postsecondary educational institution in this country. For the most part institution of higher education are permitted to operate with considerable independence and autonomy as a consequence American educational institutions vary widely in the character and quality of their program. In order to ensure a basic level of quality, the practice of accreditation rules in the United States has been carryout by private institutions as a means of conducting
non-governmental peer evaluation of educational institutions and programs.


Private education Association of the regional and national schools adopting criteria reflecting the qualities of a sound educational program and develop procedures for evaluating institutions or programs to determine whether or not they are operating at a basic level of quality.
US Department of Education website


FSBERS has been registered as a religious accredited body to offer degree programs on the undergraduate and graduate and even for certificate programs as well. Florida State board of education for religious studies desire to maintain a  separate religious initiative and freedom to derive courses and design degree program that is in accordance with our biblical standards and believe. We are registered with the state of Florida as an accredited commission but we do not take oversight from the state board of Education, all credits and degrees earned are for Christendom. Let it be known that any college or university has a right to accept or 

rejects credits from any institution, as also stated by the US Board of Education.  

If an institution’s consumer practices are consistent with those required by FSBOEFRS
The commission may provide such a religious institution, a letter stating that the institution has met the requirements of and is accredited for the period of time permitted. 

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